étude 27: I get mad when I shouldn’t

If there’s such a thing as an “unhealthy empathy” then I might be a fitting study subject. I remember my therapist sounding smart with her metaphors: “It’s like wearing a raincoat to protect yourself from the pouring rain… you need to find a raincoat to protect yourself from your environment’s emotions”.

It does sound smart…

And yes, I tried to adopt that technique until I noticed that my distant-protective-behavior had turned me into a stone-hearted bitch.  It’s not my thing and by the way rain coats look ridiculous on me. So I took the walk of shame back to my over-caring-self.

I’m probably the most annoying person to talk to if we’re not spacing on the same wave. I feel truly sorry for it. My intentions are far from wanting to shove my opinion down your throat. It’s not satisfying to come out of a conversation where both parties feel irritated and misunderstood. I wish more people would consider this.

I get mad when I shouldn’t because my so-called “unhealthy empathy” gets mixed with my outspoken personality. I can talk you to death if you don’t stop me on time. That’s maybe why I need this platform. I have stuff to say about stuff that happens in this stuff society. My friend’s and boyfriend’s ears are drying out and I mean… they do not need repetitive monologues when my high-ass is spacing out at 2 am.

Don’t get your hopes up, being a very chaotic and schedule-phobic person, I can’t guarantee any regular posts. On some days I’ll probably have a lot to say but get ready for some week-long radio silences. Some articles will be quite long, others might be just a sentence. What really matters to me is to make clear that the content found here is more of a selfish act than what you could call a “standard blog”. I’ll be writing about people, matters, causes, songs, movies, etc etc… that affect or influence me in some kind of way.

So… you’ll probably find a lot of posts about Kanye West, feminism and other things that shape my daily life. I like to talk to people, to learn about them and what drives them.

So what’s this blog about?

Well… you tell me.


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Hanna Martins

student in her twenties with a lot of opinions

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