étude 32: Youth’s DRUG diet

If you’re reading this article I suppose you’re in your twenty-somethings and you probably have already had some good/bad experiences with drugs. If you’re not… and you’re younger, let’s say around sixteen and nineteen, and you never touched any of this stuff before: then know that this article is not a reason for you to go out and take all kinds of shady drugs, you little smartass. But if you do, be sure to take this article into consideration. Then you’re a real smartass (in the good way).

Clearly drug use is a tricky subject to talk about, because one can easily give the impression that “Hey, drugs are fine!” or the exact opposite “DO NOT DO DRUGS! DON’T EVEN LOOK AT THEM”. The problem with this is that both of these assumptions are correct and wrong at the same time. But no matter what you’ve been told about it, reality of the situation is you’ll make your own opinion on drug consumption based on your experiences (or on other people’s experiences, it can work that way too).

No matter how the media chooses to talk about it, the reality remains that people are getting high all the time. At least, mostly every weekend.

So…I cannot tell you to not do drugs, but I can ask you to do it safely. It doesn’t matter how many “anti-drug” campaigns and events they organize in schools, at some point those kids end up having a joint hanging in between theirs lips, coughing like they’re about to puke their lungs out.

“Look closer” / Berlin 2017

And let’s not even start with the quality of the product. In France for example, you’ll find some douchebags selling bags filled with Coca-Cola flavored “Carambar” (candy whose color and shape could be easily mistaken for hashish) to teenagers. Same thing in most music festivals: some dude will pop up asking if “you’re good” or if you “need something”. Do not get tricked,  music festivals are quite a gold mine to these dudes so the quality will probably disappoint you, if not even make you really sick. It does sound tempting and hey, the dude doesn’t even look that shady and is actually nice, but would it be worth the risk to miss your favorite concert because you’re trapped in your tent, spacing out and grinding your teeth to the point of numbness?

So, in a couple of words:

Know your dealer

Make sure your dealer knows his stuff also, because there are a lot that do not necessarily know what the hell they’re selling and if it’ll give you a heart attack or not.

If you smoke on some shady weed, it’s quite possible that you’ll end up puking, feel some increased heat or cold, dizziness and you’ll maybe trip a little bit. But weed is by far not a deadly drug and you cannot overdose on it. So you’ll maybe end up sleeping A LOT and wake up in a similar state to hangover. It’ll pass, it’s ok, and well… it’s the price to pay for being reckless.

Now if that happens with chemical stuff (I’ll not mention all the names, there might be younger people reading and let’s not give them any ideas right…), the risk is higher that you’ll not sleep in your bed but in a hospital room. It’s far less glamorous than waking up shitfaced for puffing on bad kush.

It’s my very personal opinion, but here’s what I find so unglamorous about it: Whether you end up in hospital because you took the bad drugs or because you drank yourself to coma. It’s selfish towards the people around you. They are the ones dragging you home while you’re shouting gibberish and embarrassing the whole squad in public. Hold your pills, hold your liquor. Remember: you’re maybe having mad fun under the influence of whatever you took, but you’re ruining someone’s time.

But let’s say you know someone who’s reliable and the product is safe: it’s still not risk free. You might be on some meds that do not get along with the drug’s chemical composition (people on anti-depressants: beware and do some research. But really if you’re on those meds, do not touch chemicals at all).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
“Spaced out” / Berlin 2017

“People Around”

Since we were talking about “people around”, there’s another thing and this one goes to the ones that do not take drugs but do hang out with occasional consumers. Questions like “Do you really need that to have fun?” and comments like “Ugh, you’re just a junkie”, do not help to have a debate about the subject. Matter of fact, they’ll just turn their backs on you and not let you be a part of the conversation.

Here’s an example that I’ve witnessed so many times, I guess you guys might relate:

Couples fighting in parties because one of them decided he/she wanted some extra fun… The more you show your disapproval with shady behaviors towards your partner’s decision, the less they’ll talk to you about it in the future. And that’s when the shit goes down. Of course it’s allowed to disagree and be worried. But if your purpose is to cause harm, then green light to the judgy comments and pathetic behaviors at the party: it will probably ruin your partner’s trip and instead of a nice uplifting feeling, there will be anxiety and other unpleasant sensations.

Now, if your goal is rather helping than just expressing your opinion: be sure to have a conversation with him/her after or before such a situation comes up. If you’re sick of your partner hiding these things behind your back, getting mad at him in public is not the way that will lead you there.

(Gentle reminder: I’m obviously talking about occasional drug users not cases of drug addiction, in that context this attitude would not be an appropriate one)

“In there” / Berlin 2017

Know yourself

In conclusion: Just being responsible is not enough. Know yourself. Know your limits.

If the effects do not kick in like expected, then maybe it’s better to drop it rather than to take more so you feel it. The effects might kick in all at the same time when you least need it, putting you at risk.

Best case scenario you’ll have someone around to take care of you, but in the worst cases… well, it can be very bad.

Also part of knowing yourself is being conscious of your actions. Are you interested in it because you feel like spicing up the party or are you taking it because you’re avoiding some toxic thoughts? Some drugs are not supposed to be consumed multiple times in a short amount of time (that’s why we do research before, right?). Increasing the regularity of the consumption will lead to bigger come-downs.  So instead of the “nice” psychoactive effects (which will fade or be less intense), you’ll have pretty shitty after-effects.

These are just a couple of examples concerning drug use and misuse. The list of precautions can be long depending on the consumer’s physical and mental state. Something fun can become a nightmare in no time so choose wisely…

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