étude 33: I have opinions on Drake’s “God’s Plan”

Toronto’s favorite child released the video for his hyper single “God’s Plan” (watch video below) last week and as usually the internet has multiple opinions on every single breath Drake takes. Despite the critics concerning Drizzy’s position in the video (“the wannabe holy savior with the cash”), we cannot really start arguing about charity can we?

I was one of many that had tears in their eyes after watching “God’s Plan”. But that’s not a reliable source, very little is needed to move me. In this case what truly touched me was the reality that this video puts in the spotlight: the struggle with financial instability and the lack of social support.

Growing up in central Europe, where social governmental interventions are a political value, it’s hard to imagine myself moving to the U.S. where such actions rarely take place.

Let’s take for example health care: in the context of “wild capitalism” similar to the U.S. economy (especially under Trump’s office), health care has become a business like any other. Which in my humble opinion it shouldn’t have, especially knowing that there are families struggling to afford their medicine or drowning in hospital bills.

Can we call this “gambling with people’s lives and dignity”?

By taking this reality into consideration, it is comforting to see the 6 God donate almost one million dollars to schools, organizations and people in need in Miami. What’s even more comforting are the people’s reactions. You can’t fake that look of relief and joy in your eyes. It’s an overwhelming experience of human gratefulness and helpfulness.

2018-02-23 (5).png
Screenshot Drake’s instagram profile

We do in fact live in a society where only few can afford to make donations similar to Drake’s, while at the same time some people are struggling to feed their families. This social instability and the hierarchy of social status make it harder for people in need to be heard. So hard it has come to the point that the Canadian rapper has to come down to Miami helping out where the US government is failing repeatedly.

2018-02-23 (3)
Screenshot Drake’s instagram profile

On second thought, this video is not necessarily only about the plan that God has prepared for Drake. It’s about the good example that the Toronto MC is giving to others by using his celebrity status for a good cause. It doesn’t really matter what his real intentions were, no one can know them but himself. Like he claimed on this Instagram profile:

2018-02-23 (3)
Screenshot Drake’s instagram profile

If the most important project in his life was one that’s centered on helping others: whether you like him or not, that’s a good dude. Knowing Drake’s influential super power on the rap scene and beyond, he’s well positioned to inspire others to follows in his footsteps.


Good job Aubrey!

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