Come home with me… (dialogues around immigration)

“Never forget where you came from. DO NOT forget you’re not from here. You’re not one of them”

“But why can’t I be now? We’ve been here for so many years …”

“That doesn’t change a thing to them. Your family name, your face, your accent, your dark eyes… Time can’t change that”

“Do you have all the required documents to proceed to your double nationality?”

“Don’t you see where I am from? My family name, my face, my accent, my dark eyes… isn’t that enough?”

2018-02-25 12.48.09-page-001
Lisboa 2016

“You Portuguese people are nothing but invaders! You all act like you own the shit out of this country like you did with Brazil back in the day”

“I am sorry I cannot talk for every immigrant in here nor am I responsible for other people’s acts from back in the day”

“What makes you different? You are one of them”

“Everything except my family name and my physical traits”

2018-02-25 12.46.31-page-001
Castelo de Lindoso 2016

“This country would drown without us. They do not thank us enough for doing the dirty work they don’t want to do”

“Don’t say that… some of them actually value us a lot and even go to Portuguese restaurants and listen to Fado!”

“Oh look at you, are you one of them now? Well, that’s what you get for letting your children play with the enemy. I should not be surprised”

“AT HOME WE TALK IN PORTUGUESE! I don’t want to hear that dog-language at the dinner table!”

“Maybe you should learn dog-language too…”

“I don’t have time for that! Don’t you see how much I work for this family?”

“Yes dad…”

2018-02-25 12.38.34-page-001
Lisboa 1997

“Look at her… she thinks she’s big shit with her stupid sneakers and her awful tattoos. Her parents clearly lost control over her…”

“Excuse me are you talking about me?”

“Oh no no… So when did you guys arrive here? Did you miss Portugal?”

“Oh man you’re so lucky!!! You have all of these things and you go out with so many different people! I’m so jealous of your life.”

“Yeah… but I miss this sometimes too. I mean… this is my country after all. I was born here”

“Oh come on! You’re not in the right position to ask for pity”

2018-02-25 12.47.08-page-001
Lisboa 2016

“That’s so interesting! You’re Portuguese that’s so exotic!”

“How many Portuguese people did you meet before?”

“Euh… you’re the first one…”

“I thought so.”

“We love Portugal! You guys are so generous and hard workers! Honey, do you remember when José redid our living room?”

“Was José always available? Even on Sundays?”

“Oh yes, do you know him?”

“No… But my father is kinda a José too”

“Will you guys ever return home? After this hard work you deserve your house in Portugal”

“Home is where our children are. If they’re staying here, we are staying here too”

“Mum… Dad… why did you come here?”

“Because poverty chased us from our home country…”

Obrigada por tudo. 


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