Kanye’s handbook to self-sabotage

If you’re a die-hard Kanye West fan, fasten your seat-belt, it might get a little rocky down here. And we don’t want you to fall off in the middle of “the conversation”. 

First things first: I am a Kanye West fan. His musical genius is simply indisputable. But to be honest,  I’ve been over Kanye’s public outbursts since a while ago. I simply can’t stand trolls and Kanye, even though being in my top 3 favorite musicians, is not an exception. I was never enthusiastic about “controversial Ye”. His unforgettable Taylor Swift mic-snatch-situation in 2009 really made me roll my eyes.

What’s happening right now is different. It’s pseudo-political and it is causing a chaos that simply put: shocks people. West liking how conservative commentator Candace Owens “thinks” and bragging about a Make America Great Again hat signed by Mister President himself, is upsetting to many. Last but definitely not least, Kanye is not taking shit from anyone else, not even from his longtime friend John Legend.


The scenario doesn’t get any brighter when Donald Trump himself retweets West’s posts and claims on Fox News that he has “good taste”. But really, the worst is Alex Jones inviting the rapper to his broadcast, Info Wars. Basically, there is slowly an alt-right troop taking great advantage of Kanye’s outspoken opinions.

2018-04-26 (11)

For those who never heard about Candace Owens, she’s a conservative commentator who’s ideas are based on this kind of thinking:

 “Victim mentality is not cool. I don’t know why people like being oppressed. … ‘We’re oppressed! Four-hundred years of slavery! Jim Crow!’ By the way, none of you guys lived through [that]. … Your grandparents did, and it’s embarrassing that you utilize their history. You’re not living through anything right now.”

Mrs Owens is also convinced that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are “working full time for the democrats”. The point she’s been trying to make is that black democrats are caught up in a group-thinking prison. Stuff a conservative and ignorant person would say.

And she’s obviously taking great advantage of Kanye’s shout-out since it brought attention to her, which she’s using to spread her message.

2018-04-26 (10)

On and just one more for the road, she also said this:

2018-04-26 (9)


I know, right?

Fact is: Kanye West is entitled to his opinion. Black people can indeed be republican, why wouldn’t that be a thing? Kanye West is not acting as a black man only, his political views are influenced by other factors like his financial empire, to mention one example. Concerning this issue in general, this paragraph from a Washington Post article published on April 24th, gives us a more logical insight into this:


In other words, people do not vote for a party based on their skin color. It’s about the party itself. So this “group-thinking” theory doesn’t make much sense in this context. Nevertheless, West fell for it. Political choices are a personal matter based on each person’s priorities and needs. One does not need to be reading the news daily to know that the African-American community has been suffering under institutionalized racism. Republicans simply do not seem to care about black people. If Kanye would read at all, he would know this too.

But then it seems like Kanye doesn’t even identify as a republican. It’s really about Trump himself and that’s where fun isn’t fun anymore.

2018-04-26 (7)

2018-04-26 (5)

As a fan and someone that spent my humble money in West’s music, seeing this bromance going on between Kanye and Trump makes me sick to my stomach. I wouldn’t wish for one of my favorite artists to be supportive of someone that grabs women by the pussy. The same dude that wasn’t able to condemn the white supremacy’s after the events that took place in Charlottesville last summer. Should I even go on? At this point not even Kanye West can convince me that there’s anything to love about this guy.

2018-04-26 (4)

West is not alone in this, his wife Kim Kardashian might get affected too and we all know Kris Jenner would not let that happen (pretty sure she’s working on it right now). So, what’s the plan? What is the end game in this? Is there even an end game at all? Or is it just pure selfishness? One thing is for sure, it’s not smart and it will have consequences. People are very quick to judge and while the public is used to see the rapper being controversial with his opinions, his wife on the contrary cannot enter this playground.  This is second-hand sabotage even though she has her own business to run. In my opinion this is the nastiest part about Kanye’s recent tweets: he’s being incredibly selfish and it doesn’t look like he’s preoccupied by the outcome his wife and her family might be facing. Remember how Kanye fans felt outraged because he was marrying a Kardashian? Guess who’s embarrassing who now. It’s not just Kim that’s been trying to defend him. Chance the Rapper jumped in, tweeting “Black people don’t have to be democrats”. I guess now the joke is on him by attracting Trump Junior’s attention.

Still trying to figure out the meaning of the two basketball emojis…

2018-04-26 (8)

From all the support Kanye has been getting, this tweet right here is probably the most disappointing of them all:

2018-04-26 (14)

This sounds like something a white dude would say to make a pointless point.

Kanye West fans are allowed to simply not fuck with this weird alt-right attention that the rapper has been accumulating this past days. Being a fan does not imply blind and irrational dedication. The Chicago rapper has done a lot for our generation and the black community’s culture, there’s no way to deny that. But it doesn’t excuse these behaviors either. His music will thankfully stay forever and that’s the Kanye West we should be celebrating. From a personal point of view, I’m unsure about his upcoming album. I genuinely do not feel excited about it anymore. Kanye saying him and Trump are brothers is just over the top for me. I wouldn’t listen to any other artist claiming half of the things that Kanye has been sharing lately. So why stick with Kanye in this? His music taught me to love myself and this implies respecting my personal values. Like Rosenberg put it so well “Seeing Kanye freestyling with a MAGA hat on is your worst nightmare coming true”. That’s pretty much how it felt like, yes.

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