I have opinions on XXXTentacion

As much as I’ll try to write this from an objective point of view and stay fair, it won’t be quite as possible as I would like. Let’s put the carts on the table: I do not like this dude. Not that it matters. But if ever while reading this you feel that I’m particularly severe in my judgments, well it’s probably because I really, really cannot stand him. And here’s why:

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Are depression and suicide a hype yet?

Compared to five or six years ago, I’ve been witnessing more people talking up about depression among other mental conditions. The fact that I know at least five people studying psychology in college right now, can also be seen as an indicator that awareness is raising up. In conclusion: people are talking about depression. We’re actually starting to care about this. But has it therefore become a hype?

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Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance

This is a question that I’ve been asking myself for a long while now. Rape culture is definitely not an urban legend, so who are the protagonists behind it? Of course no one would deliberately say “my best friend might be a rapist”. That just doesn’t sound right. Why would you be friends with this dude then? Plus after all, you know him by heart so you’re pretty sure. But are you really?

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She made no promises and neither did I. As if this mutual feeling was simultaneously shared by both of us without putting words on it: “We’ll see how far we get”. She knew it, I did too… I was not an easy-going patient and she was not a quitter.

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I didn’t know what to think about my psychiatrist for about a month. She sat down, put her notebook on the purple coffee table, and glanced up at me: always the same gestures in that order. At the first two or three sessions, I was unable to trust that faded smile of hers: sometimes compassionate, sometimes just plain. Continue reading THERAPY TALES PART 2