Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance

This is a question that I’ve been asking myself for a long while now. Rape culture is definitely not an urban legend, so who are the protagonists behind it? Of course no one would deliberately say “my best friend might be a rapist”. That just doesn’t sound right. Why would you be friends with this dude then? Plus after all, you know him by heart so you’re pretty sure. But are you really?

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étude 35: I have opinions on homophobes

How random is this subject now? Well I would say as random as hearing someone suddenly say “I’m not a homophobe but…” and other similar statements that put some of us on high alert. It’s as random as witnessing first hand homophobia in the places you least expect or from people you used to have high esteem for. So, how random is this subject really?

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She made no promises and neither did I. As if this mutual feeling was simultaneously shared by both of us without putting words on it: “We’ll see how far we get”. She knew it, I did too… I was not an easy-going patient and she was not a quitter.

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808’s and Power Songs (+ playlist)


Whether you are a student or a “grown up”, already part of the working world, you know we can all appreciate a good “power song” to get your ass up and down to business. Before we plunge into the details of what makes a good ass power song let’s make it clear what kind of music we’re talking about here.

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étude 34: I have opinions on Feminist Porn

No, no, feminist porn is not a gang bang scenario of feminists having sex with each other. Or any other scenario floating in your dirty, low-key twisted mind right now. But it could eventually be something that could please your dirty mind. At least something that your conscience doesn’t have to battle with. Continue reading étude 34: I have opinions on Feminist Porn