I didn’t know what to think about my psychiatrist for about a month. She sat down, put her notebook on the purple coffee table, and glanced up at me: always the same gestures in that order. At the first two or three sessions, I was unable to trust that faded smile of hers: sometimes compassionate, sometimes just plain. Continue reading THERAPY TALES PART 2

Come home with me… (dialogues around immigration)

“Never forget where you came from. DO NOT forget you’re not from here. You’re not one of them”

“But why can’t I be now? We’ve been here for so many years …”

“That doesn’t change a thing to them. Your family name, your face, your accent, your dark eyes… Time can’t change that”

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étude 33: I have opinions on Drake’s “God’s Plan”

Toronto’s favorite child released the video for his hyper single “God’s Plan” (watch video below) last week and as usually the internet has multiple opinions on every single breath Drake takes. Despite the critics concerning Drizzy’s position in the video (“the wannabe holy savior with the cash”), we cannot really start arguing about charity can we? Continue reading étude 33: I have opinions on Drake’s “God’s Plan”